In 2009 I glimpsed what it would be like to manage, rather than be controlled, by my emotions.

•  In 1996 my son was born needing years of multi-disciplinary and  specialized medical care. •  A horrific divorce wasn't far behind that diagnosis. •  And then a splendid, if completely unexpected, man and marriage appeared . . .

You can imagine the range of feelings that regularly crashed my shores — everything from fear, panic, and powerlessness to anger and disappointment. Then there was surprise,  appreciation, excitement and oodles and oodles of love.

​   "I toppled the trauma, pain
   and injustice of those early
   years. And now with little
   exception, I decide daily —
​   hourly — how I want to feel." 

​The work I offer reflects the set of tools I learned and use to regulate my own nervous system. It's not an exaggeration to say I toppled the trauma, pain and injustice of those early years. And with little exception, I now decide daily—hourly—how I want to feel. I have the ability to connect deeply with myself and others in ways that were not possible when overwhelm prevailed. 

Short Descriptions 


Connection Practice

This Practice has been called,  "the antidote for a disconnected world."

It is a synergy of Nonviolent Communications and HeartMath® where creative problem solving, clear thinking, and tapping into your highest knowledge are examples of what is possible when the heart and brain are
in sync.

The Connection Practice can dissolve the widest disconnect – among individuals, between ideologies, and even with the internal struggles that sap our vitality and drain our energy. Peace is possible.

The work I do


HeartMath Certified Trainer and Coach

Connection Practice Certified
  Trainer, Coach and Trainer of Trainers

Registered  Biodynamic Craniosacral 
​  Therapist (RCST) with the Biodynamic 
  Craniosacral Therapy Association of
  North America (BCTA/NA)

Board of Directors member BCTA/NA

Adjunct faculty member Potomac
  Massage Training Institute, Silver 
​  Spring, Maryland offering 
  The Connection Practice and 
  HeartMath's Resilient Advantage

Masters of Arts in  journalism

Bachelors of Science in business

Licensed massage therapist in MD

​• Business owner in Laramie, Wyoming

Resilience Advantage

HeartMath says:

  "Resiliency is the capacity to
   prepare for, recover from
   and adapt in the face of
   stress, adversity, trauma
   or challenge

It follows that a key to sustaining good health, reaching optimal function and performance, and resilience itself is the ability to manage our emotions.

​There are tools to do that, and I can teach you how to use then practice
them with you.


I practice radical inclusion where all are welcome.

My passion is helping you discover if resiliency and social and emotional skills are the right tools to move you forward. If the answer is yes, I team with you and/or your group to learn, practice and integrate those tools into your personal and work lives. 

My pleasure comes in seeing people experience a new way of being that is resilient to life's steady changes. Built on a foundation of scientific research, what I know for sure is that results are rejuvenating and empowering. 

I work best with individuals and organizations ready to try something new — ones who don’t shy away from taking personal responsibility for their emotions. 

My promise is to show up with integrity, be prepared, and use our time together to help you make lasting change in your life. I also pledge to maintain a sense of humor and have deep empathy for the reasons that brought you to this work.   

I know that internal peace is available to each of us when we learn and practice the skills of connection. 

I am committed to contributing to a world featuring radical inclusion where  stress is managed and powerful peace and connection are omnipresent. 

​Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST) uses gentle touch to support health.

The intention of these sessions is not to fix problems or ailments but rather to lend a hand as your system finds its own health, resets your nervous system, and releases patterns of old traumas, injuries, stress, etc. 

The principle of biodynamic craniosacral is that the body yearns for health and 
wellbeing and knows the best way to  
homeostasis – an equilibrium.

Sessions are done fully clothed (minus shoes) on a massage table, and while each experience is individual, many report a sense of deep, deep calm.

Paired with either Connection Practice or HeartMath coaching, the sessions can be profound.

Why I do this work