About The Connection Practice

​​​​Likely outcomes are that spaciousness makes room for more joy in your life.

And relaxation and deep connection with ourselves and others become more commonplace.​



         Do you ever yearn for connection yet feel disconnected or even

         detached from yourself and others?

         How, exactly, do we reclaim the part of us that values connection?

         For me life gets easier, more ordered and clear when I use the tools of
         The Connection Practice.

        Rasur Foundation International:  Rasur is a nonprofit organization
        dedicated to teaching a social and emotional skill set and personal
        resilience for a more connected world. Classes and individual coaching

        bring these tools to individuals, businesses,  nonprofit 

        organizations and schools so that individuals and groups can achieve

        a new level of engagement and meaning.*

        Dismantling Stress & Building Connection:  I've been working

        with The Connection Practice skills since 2009 when I first came to
        appreciate the depth of the motto of the
Rasur Foundation:

"Before directing the lightening in the sky,

we must first harness the storms in our own hears." 


        What I do:  I offer classes and presentations, and  I coach individuals
        and groups live and globally using Skype and Zoom. I'm also a certified  
        HeartMath® trainer and mentor, and a biodynamic  craniosacral
        therapist (RCST®).

       Integration of the heart and mind is fundamental to all that I do.

       My goal is to positively contribute to a more peaceful world. To
       that end, I help people recognize and then eliminate stress in ways
       that are life affirming and lasting. By using a set of skills that are new

       to most, we can access practical and elegant ways to experience life.

       Likely outcomes are that spaciousness makes room for more joy,

       and relaxation and deep connection with ourselves and others

       becomes more commonplace.

       * You can read the  evolution of founder Rita Marie Johnson's lifelong work
          in her book, Completely Connected.

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