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Links to organizations mentioned in Wyoming Social Justice in Action

4/2/18                         Lindy Westenhoff Leads Wyoming’s Safe Zone LBGTQ Ally Trainings with Vulnerability and Empathy
                                   •  University Wyoming Safe Zone
​                                   •  Safe Zone Video Trainings
                                   •  Wyoming Equality
                                   •  The Trevor Project
                                   •  The Shepard Foundation
                                   •  The Shepard Symposium for Social Justice
                                   •  University Wyoming Spectrum  (Facebook - student support and networking organization)
​                                   •  University Wyoming Rainbow Resource Center
​                                   •  University Wyoming Gender and Women's Studies
​                                   •  The Laramie Project (the film version of the play) 
3/26/18                       Sweet Melissa Vegetarian Cafe in Laramie: Few Plastic Straws and No Animals Sacrificed
                                  •  Buy stainless steel straws with cleaning brushes here (and so many other places)
                                  •  "Can One Straw Change The World?" TEDx Talk                    
                                  •  “A Brief History of the Modern Day Straw, the World’s Most Wasteful Commodity”                
                                  •  Acres Student Farm at the University of Wyoming Composting Program
                                  •  World Watch Institute Blog   "Plastic Straws: A Life Cycle"  
                                  •  The Last Plastic Straw
3/17/18                       Hole Food Rescue Feeds 1,000 Hungry People Weekly in Jackson, WY
​                                  •  "Hole Food Rescue"                                            
                                  •  Boulder Food Rescue