Who I Serve

      I practice radical inclusion
           where all are welcome.

Regardless of your ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, legal status, age, physical challenges, piercings and tats, religious beliefs,
political leanings . . . all means all.

I work best with individuals, families and organizations ready to try something new — ones who don’t shy
away from taking personal responsibility for their own emotions.  If you want to experience empowered peace and calm, but just don't know how, it will be my pleasure to work with you.  

Online Scheduling

Coming soon.


Payment in the form of cash or check is expected following the appointment. Online and credit card payments will soon be available.

​I donate 10% of all earnings to non profits to keep the energy of money and peace flowing.

Cancellation Policy

Mutual consideration is fundament in safe relationships. Please be mindful of my 24-hour cancellation policy;
Full payment for a missed session will be charged. Of course life happens, and exceptions for true emergencies can be requested.

Young Children
Pro-rated, shorter craniosacral sessions for young children are available.

Family Sessions
Connection Practice is beautifully designed to build strong communications within families. Results in areas of empathy, understanding, respect, consideration and
​expressions of appreciation are frequent goals.

Workshops and Classes

I offer classes in HeartMath's Resilience Advantage and for the three levels of Connection Practice as well as certification training for individuals to become instructors of CP. I'd be thrilled to help Laramie and other places fill with people teaching this beautiful work.

Global Sessions

The Connection Practice and HeartMath coaching sessions are available worldwide in English via Zoom and Skype.

​​​   Individual Session Fees
zoom or in person

    55 minute coaching session           $125    
              Connection Practice and/or
              HeartMath coaching

      in person only

       55 minute Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy   $125 

         live only                  


   80-minute combination session      $140   
HeartMath or Connection Practice coaching

     followed by biodynamic craniosacral therapy

      Eight, 80-minute combination session  $840

      25% savings


        20% discount off any service

     First-time clients

        90-minute blended session  $75

Schedule an Appointment

email:    EllenSynakowski@icloud.com

text:       307-203-3203

Online scheduling coming soon.


 If you're in Laramie
​ I suggest   . . .

    A 90-minute blended session leading
​      toward  powerful and empowering changes in
      stress management and communication 
​      We open with coaching from Connection Practice
experience empathy and insight and/or 
      HeartMath to
build resilience. 

      This flows into craniosacral therapy where you are

      fully dressed on a massage table and supported to
      settle safely into a place of deep calm and renewal.

​      We end with a gentle closure.