Biodynamic Craniosacral is 
   gentle touch used to
   support health.

    Health is the focus of biodynamic
    craniosacral therapy

    We orient to health, and during a session
    I may even ask, "What feels good in your
    body today?"

    You may find this a funny question—and it

    is—but it shifts the typical focus from

    "What hurts?" to "Where is my health?"
    Maybe it's your 
belly or big toe or, perhaps,
    your elbow
never felt better! 

    The intention of these sessions is not to fix
    problems or ailments but rather to lend a
    hand as your system finds its own health,
    resets your nervous system, and releases
of old traumas, injuries, stress, etc.
    The principle of biodynamic craniosacral is
    that the body yearns for health and

​    wellbeing and knows
the best way to 
    homeostasis – an equilibrium.

    Safety first

    From the moment you enter the office, my
    foremost concern is that you feel safe with
    me and in the space. 

    Feel the calm

    My hope for you is an experience of deep –
    even profound – calm as you sink into
kind and compassionate way of being.

    You'll be fully clothed

    During these sessions you will be fully
    dressed (with the exception of shoes) on a
    massage table. Initial talking will include a

    focus on your comfort feelings of safety.

    How I heard about craniosacral therapy

    My first encounter with this therapy was after
    my infant son underwent extensive brain
    surgery. It was a recommended modality to
    bring him back to his own state of balance.

    Coming to craniosacral myself

    My personal experience of this work is that

    it takes me to a spacious place
    expansive enough to encompass
    both intelligence and deep compassion.

    I sink into nurturing rest during and
    after sessions, and it is where
my body
​    feels most at home with itself.


    For two years I studied in Washington, DC
    with the Wellness Institute under Roger
    Gilchrist.  I am a Registered Biodynamic
    Craniosacral Therapist (RCTA) through the
    Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
​    Association of North America (BCTA/NA)
    where I also serve as a Board of Directors


    To find an RCST outside of Laramie, WY
​     click here.

I  am excited to be bringing this
    lineage of craniosacral
    to Laramie, Wyoming.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

My British colleague, Helen Robbins, kindly gives her permission to post this beautifully-animated description of BCST.