What, exactly, is  Biodynamic  Craniosacral  Therapy?

What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

My British colleague, Helen Robbins, kindly gives her permission to post this beautifully-animated description of BCST.

Most of the sessions I offer are in concert

with coaching that comes from

communications work I do called

HeartMath and The Connection Practice.

We begin a session that combines biodynamic craniosacral and The Connection Practice by talking about a stressful situation you may have experienced that still has a charge to it. We then look at ways to unravel that story so that you experience giving empathy to yourself and receiving empathy from me. Alternatively we work with resilience skills from HeartMath so that you begin to build up reserves of energy when unexpected things in life (traffic jams, a child needing to stay home sick from school, something hurtful said to you, and on and on and on . . .)