My suggestion for in-person sessions . . .

     Choose between 75 and 90 minutes 
     We open with Connection Practice

     or HeartMath coaching

     and follow that with craniosacral therapy
     ending with a brief talk.

To schedule an appointment


text:       925-789-0332



   One-on-One coaching

   in person or via Skype for:

     •  The Connection Practice
    •  HeartMath
    60 minutes       $75

    75 minutes       $90

    90 minutes       $100

    •  Craniosacral therapy
       sessions are only in person
       and at the same rates

For information about

Connection Practice

classes, workshops

and presentations


         In-Person Hours    

               Haven recently moved to
             Wyoming, I do not yet have

             an office set up.


               Mentoring and coaching is
             offered in person and globally
             via Skype  

            Craniosacral therapy
            Please call.


             Shorter, pro-rated craniosacral
            sessions are available for


                    Payment in the form of cash
             or check is requested at the time
             of each in-person session.
             Paypal is the preferred payment
             for Skype appointments.

Global  Sessions

The Connection Practice and HeartMath coaching sessions are offered worldwide in English via Zoom and Skype.  The appointment times are flexible.