The Connection Practice

Fellow Connection Practice trainer and school-age children talk about using the Practice.


Do you yearn for connection? 

         . . . yet feel disconnected or even detached from yourself and others?

         How, exactly, do we reclaim the part of us that values connection?


         The Connection Practice is

          •  a highly effective means to eliminate suffering and enrich relationships
          •  a way to hear what clients, family and colleagues may be needing,

              even if they can’t say it directly
          •  a way to quickly shift out of feelings of anger, resentment and loneliness

              to experience compassion, peace, joy and freedom
          •  a synergistic combination of wisdom and compassion
          •  a method for building social-emotional intelligence

          •  a proven way to dismantle stress and build connection

         The Conneciton Practice has been called, "the anecdote for a disconnected
​          world," and is embraced by Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica and
          Nobel Peace Laureate, who says, “Combining empathy and insight is a valid
          and proven way to improve human relations.” 

         The Practice is a synergy of Nonviolent Communication and HeartMath®.


Options for Learning and Practicing the Connection Practice

        •   One-on-one coaching

           Connection Practice Experience:  3-hour overview workshop

           Part I    Learn the basic components of the practice to connect with self
                        and others. 
​                        12 hours, includes certificate of completion

           Part 2   Learn to use the Connection Path to connect more deeply with others

                        12-hour class, includes certificate of completion

           Part 3   Learn to mediate issues between people to help them reconnect

                        12-hour class, includes certificate of completion

           Trainer Certification available for all 3 levels

​        •   Connection Practice Groups  Available in Laramie, Wyoming following
                        the first Part 1 class. These groups are defined by safety and
                        reinforce the work of the Practice where members bring challenges
                        and celebrations and receive empathy from others who are also
                        working toward having less stress and more calm in their lives.
                        Groups are usually limited to 6 participants.


Connection Practice Resources

       Completely Connectedby Rita Marie Johnson, Connection Practice founder.
                            Read about the evolution of this work and the quick ways it
                            empowers individuals to experience less stress in their lives.

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